Home Remedy Tip to Lose Weight at Home without workout

Home Remedy Tip to Lose Weight

Home Remedy Tip to Lose Weight at Home:

If you are facing difficulty due to the growing weight and you do not get time to exercise, so stop worrying. Because here I am going to provide you Home Remedy Tip to Lose Weight at Home without workout or exercise.
With just two tablespoons of this remedy, you can lose your weight up to 15 to 20 pounds in just a month. It is the easiest and best Natural resource tip to melt extra fat from the body and lose weight.
Fresh Lemons-      4
Honey-             3 Table Spoon
Cinnamon Powder-   2 Teaspoon
Ginger-            2cm
Fresh Horseradish- 125 Gram
The Method of Preparation:
Add ginger and horseradish in a blender and Crush well, Add lemon juice of all four lemons and blend them again for almost three minutes. Now add honey and powdered cinnamon and blend again to mix all the ingredients. Now put the medicine in a Glass jar or bottle. Keep it in a cool place and use one teaspoon two times a day before 15 minutes of lunch and dinner. Use it continuously for three weak, use it again after a few days break.
All the components mentioned above are not only helpful for losing weight but also Helps to control eye weakness, improve memory and brain power. The use of Horseradish is essential in this prescription because of the vitamin C, B1, B6, Potassium magnesium and phosphorous in this ingredient. These all things helps to speed up metabolism and to remove fatigue or tiredness.

Home Remedy Tip to Lose Weight at Home without workout:

Tip to Lose Weight at Home

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