9 Health Treatments by Lemon and Black Pepper

9 Health Treatments by Lemon

9 Health Treatments by Lemon and Black Pepper

In this article, you will learn 9 Health treatments by Lemon and Black Pepper at home. Lemon and black pepper can be used to treat many diseases. If eaten improbable mix then You can avoid the diseases.
Here are some natural cure for different common health issues:
1: A sore throat: If you are feeling pain in your throat, Mix one table spoon of lemon juice, one tea spoon of black pepper and one table spoon of salt in warm water. Mix them well and make sure that salt must dissolve in the water. Now use this water for the gargle two to three times a day, your sore throat will be fine very soon.
2: Gall Stone: if it is diagnosed that you have gall stone then doctors suggest you operation. But if you want then you can save yourself fro operation by just using these natural remedies. Mix three tablespoon of olive oil with one tablespoon of salt and lemon juice and drink this daily and in just one month test your gal stone, and you can save yourself from operation and hospital charges.
3: Cold Nose: If you have difficulty breathing and nasal is closed then here is an awesome tip. Mix and make powder of Cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper. Just take on a knife point and smell it closer, in start may be you start to sneezing but after a minute you fell better and Will open your nostrils?
4: Mouth blisters: for this problem just take a glass of warm water, and pore a tablespoon of Himalayan Salt mix it well and use it as the mouth wash and it will kill the bacteria in the mouth. Mouth blisters will never come back.
5: Weight Loss: black pepper = 1/4 tea spoon, lemon juice = 2 tablespoon, Pure honey = 1 tablespoon. Mix all ingredients in a glass of warm water and drink empty stomach in the morning. Because of these items, metabolism will work faster, and it helps to remove extra fat in the body.
6: Nausea: If your stomach is upset and nausea began, then mix a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a tea spoon of black pepper in a glass of warm water and drink it. After some time you will feel fine, this healthy tip can be used for asthma patients too.
7: A toothache: Mix the half tea spoon of black pepper oil with the same quantity of clove oil and apply it on your tooth. It will help to reduce a toothache. This is necessary to avoid acidic foods.
8: Hemorrhage: If you facing the problem of the hemorrhage, wet a cotton swab with lemon juice and put it in the nestles and bound your head a little. push cotton swabs out after blood stops.
9: Asthma: Take four Black paper, two cloves, and fifteen Basil leaves and put then in one cup of hot water, left it for 15 minutes. After that separate the water and pore in a glass jar and add two tablespoons of honey in it. Leave this mixture to cool down and for the cure, Asthma patients can use it with fresh milk.

9 Health Treatments by Lemon and Black Pepper in Urdu:

Treatments by Lemon and Black Pepper in Urdu

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