20 Benefits of Lemon Water and Making Procedure

20 Benefits of Lemon Water

20 Benefits of Lemon Water and Making Procedure

I hope you people heard about the benefits of lemon water, but Here I am going to introduce you to the 20 Benefits of Lemon Water and Making Procedure of this magical drink. Just take a glass of warm fresh water, add half lemon juice in it and mix one spoon honey in it. Your magical drink is ready, for more benefits drink it in the morning or empty stomach.
Below I am going to mention some significant benefits of lemon water drink.
1: – Joint and muscle pain goes away.
2: – Blood pressure remains normal.
3: – Abundance of enzymes in the body.
4: – Because of Vitamin C, Skin became Clean and Healthy.
5: – It helps in cleansing of the liver.
6: – This drink Cleans the blood vessels.
7: – Get rid of throat infection and inflammation
8: – It gives relief from Heartburn.
9: – Lemon Water washes Intestines.
10: – This magic drink helps to Dissolve kidney and pancreas stones.
11: – Pectin fiber in lemon helps to Reduce the weight.
12: – Eliminates tooth pain and gum problems.
13: – Alkaline properties of lemon reduces cancer risk.
14: – Strengthen the nervous system and helps relieve depression and mental stress.
15: – Uric acid is dissolved, which contributes to relieve pain from arthritis.
16: – The immune cells protect the body from the disease are produced in large quantities.
17: – Electrolyte, Calcium, Potassium and magnesium that found in the honey and lemon helps to refresh the body, And dehydration can be quickly completed.
18: – The drink increases PH levels in the body, Which is the prevention of diseases.
19: – It is also very useful for pregnant mothers. Lemon Drink saves the mother from viruses and flu.
20: – And makes child’s bones strong and nervous system, particularly the brain.

20 Benefits of Lemon Water and Making Procedure in Urdu:

20 Benefits of Lemon

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